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Obey Misfits Fiend Club

Obey Clothing & The Misfits collaborate on new collection of products out for Friday the 13th. Take a look at the new stuff below and listen to our favorite track by the Misfits. Check out a recent article on Hypebeast for more…

"The Misfits are a punk rock revelation and a band that has mesmerized me from my first introduction to them in 1985. The Misfits art is pure alchemy genius and the best example of remixing marginal subculture imagery into a cohesive cult brand in history. From horror films, comics, serials, and B-movies the Misfits culled, cut, pasted, inked, and crafted possibly the most recognizable and enduring punk iconography ever. The thing that I love about the classic Misfits imagery is that it is well designed, but has a do-it-yourself charm that is organic and unfussy. I’ll be seeing you again!"
Shepard Fairey

"The Misfits invasion started in 1977… It was all DIY, built on imagination and totally unique in concept. We were just as rebellious in our music, as we were with our sense of style. The ominous words “Teenagers from Mars” were painted in bold black letters on the back of a sweater bought at the Salvation Army to mark the beginning of a cultural revolution; one that has finally come full circle—four decades later. The DIY street art ethic of Obey is a perfect fit with the Misfits. We want, we need, we’ll take it!!! And now we have! Status quo is the enemy…"
– Jerry Only