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Lakai Footwear brings you their latest film, The Flare. Starring: active pro Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Sebo Walker, Jesus Fernandez, Danny Brady, Simon Bannerot, Tyler Pacheco, Cody Chapman, Yonnie Cruz, Jon Sciano, and James Capps (co-starring: Mike Carroll and Rick Howard). Check out photos from the night of the premier in the slideshow below!

The Egyptian Theatre... Marylin Monroe has been here before.

Flow ripper, Eli Williams... get him on the team guys!! Have you seen his Instagram?!

The Volcom crew: Collin Provost, Alex Galles, B. Mack, Sagger Jake, & Daniel Redcorn.

The Flare

our active crew.

the good homie Emile!!!

go the Johnny Jones plug?!

Joey & the homie Jamie Housel from Girl.

Riley Hawk sighting! on his way to the bathroom...

Lannie!!! Long time no see!

Dan Stolling is a good homie.

just in case another riot goes down...

Steve Hernandez

who's got a wristband?!

It's the Craig Mack!

Andy Mueller & Sam Smyth

photo ops

a Nine Club session going down at the premier...

Blair Alley from Transworld brings in The MOZ Flare!

It was the second showing !

Shhh... we're trying to watch a film here.

back at the Nine Club special.

posse up! we out! More photos HERE...