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For those who don't know, XLARGE had arguably pioneered streetwear when it started in 1991 Los Angeles. It's a super sensitive subject to most streetwear heads because everyone has their own opinion on what is street wear. Is it one word or two? It seems like it's two letters: O.G.

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8.31.2017 marks the date of the launch for The Hundreds x XLARGE collaboration. Below is some brief commentary from our guy Dillon Jones over at The Hundreds about the video. Dig in deeper on The Hundreds blog with the links below. We also have a few pieces online and at select locations.

"This is a super special interview with X-Large founders Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman, also featuring Streetwear OG/pioneer Slick and their friend Money Mark (also legendary Beastie Boys-affiliated producer/musician)."

"They talk about how they were the first 'Streetwear' storefront – how they bought Ben Davis in Wilmington to bring the brand to LA, how X-FUCT was the first Streetwear collaboration of its time, back when brands actually weren’t cool with each other. They even talk about how they connected with Mike D. It’s really cool and I hope you guys can all watch it and educate yourself on this slice of West Coast Streetwear."