FREE SHIPPING w/ Purchase $100+

FREE SHIPPING w/ Purchase $100+

FREE Shipping w/ Purchase $100+


Twitter, everyone from Oprah to Obama is talking about it. It’s basically just listening to what other people have to say. Well, we here at Active actually found a good use for Twitter, we came up with a new program called GEOSWAG.

GEOSWAG is the greatest thing ever. Basically we give you free stuff. Here’s how it works:

1. Follow Active Ride Shop on Twitter:

2. Every so often, we will post a a message on Twitter with the tag #GEOSWAG, when you see that tag,  be the first to respond to the clue, and get something free. It’s that simple. We’re not talking about free stickers, we’re talking free skateboards.

We got the idea from a popular nerd activity called GeoCaching, read all about it here

Our Definition of GEOSWAG : GEO – Meaning having to do with location somewhere on Earth (usually Active store locations) . SWAG is an acronym for Stuff We All Get

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6/25/09 4:21 PM Congrats to the first GEOSWAG winner on his brand new Active skateboard!