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The highly anticipated video of the year, Girl & Chocolate‘s “Pretty Sweet” premiered Friday night. Beware for a mind blowing video coming soon in stores & online! (which you can also pre-order here!)

Photos from the premier & the Pretty Sweet after-party!…

Mikal looks pretty stoked

Mikal looks pretty stoked!…



Elija Berle

Elija Berle!

pretty sweet

orpheum theater

Kenny Anderson & Erica Yary

Meet The Press… Kenny Anderson & Erica Yary.

Kyle Walker & Denzel White

Kyle Walker & Denzel White lurkin’!

Alex Olson & Spike Jonze

Alex Olson & Spike Jonze

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

pretty sweet premier

V.I.P… where the pizza was!

Let’s go upstairs

Let’s go upstairs…

pretty sweet world premier in orpheum theater


Active Ride Shop team

Active Crew!

pretty sweet world premier

Beer line upstairs…

Marc Johnson & Ronnie Creager

Marc Johnson & Ronnie Creager lurkin’ in the back!

Planet Earth O.G.’s! Rick Jaramillo & Kenny Anderson!

Planet Earth O.G.’s! Rick Jaramillo & Kenny Anderson!

Neck & the Phelper

Neck & the Phelper

Nick Tershay aka Nicky Diamond!

Nick Tershay aka Nicky Diamond!

Randy Bruiser

Randy Bruiser

Rick Howard

Rick Howard!

Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas!

The Nuge is in the theater

The Nuge is in the theater!!!

Brian Slash Hansen

Brian Slash Hansen!

Steve Olson & Jason Jessee

Steve Olson & Jason Jessee!

Chris, Steve, & Vaughn

Chris, Steve, & Vaughn!

Ryan Reyes & Jeff Lenoce

Ryan Reyes & Jeff Lenoce!

Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo!

prettysweet world premier

A little slide show while everybody was gettin’ seated…

Brandon Biebel

Brandon Biebel!

The Girl & Chocolate Team walks on the stage

The Girl & Chocolate Team walks on the stage…


Must be an Instagram moment #prettysweet

Tyler The Creator introduces the movie

Tyler The Creator introduces the movie

The pretty sweet instagram moment

The movie began right after this… no phones out!

Pretty Sweet world premier

The film ends after blowing everybody’s minds…

Pretty sweet premier

Exit time

world premier of pretty sweet

Crazy crowded


Dragonette with a warm hello.

girl and chocolate skateboards presents pretty sweet

More like, Pretty Fuckin’ Awesome!

pretty sweet premier in orpheum theater

pretty sweet premier

after pretty sweet premier

Pretty Sweet World Premier at Orpheum Theatr

prettysweet World Premier

Moz, Fos, Justin

Nick Zizzo & Andy Compton at Pretty Sweet premier

Nick Zizzo & Andy Compton!

Pretty Sweet Premier at Orpheum Theater

Eric Koston

Eric Koston!

Mike York & Spike Jonze

Mike York & Spike Jonze!

Team BK at pretty sweet world premier

Team BK!

Shaun Scott & Johnny Knoxville

Shaun Scott & Johnny Knoxville!

Richard Mulder & Friends

Richard Mulder & Friends!

Guy Mariano

Guy Mariano!!! S.O.T.Y.???

Jeron Wilson

Jeron Wilson!

 Riff Raff at the afteparty

Meanwhile at the afterparty… Riff Raff hits the stage and Mike Carroll throwing glow sticks.

Party after pretty sweet world premier

It’s a party…

pretty sweet movie posters

Pretty Sweet movie premier

Vincent Alvarez

Vincent Alvarez!

Rick Jaramillo & Chase Gabor

Rick Jaramillo & Chase Gabor

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg was DJing for a little bit…

Melbeezy & Steve Hernandez

Melbeezy & Steve Hernandez!

party after pretty sweet world premier

Anf & Chris Roberts

Quiet Life Anf & Chris Roberts!

Brian Servellon & Kenny Anderson

Brian Servellon & Kenny Anderson!

Mickey Reyes & Kellen McCleary

Mickey Reyes & Kellen McCleary!

Corey Kennedy gets kicked out…

Corey Kennedy gets kicked out…

Marque goes pretty hard…

Marque goes pretty hard…

world premier of Pretty Sweet

Tim Gavin

Tim Gavin!

A fight broke out downstairs…

A fight broke out downstairs… 6 cop cars & a ghetto bird for some reason showed up. One arrest. Not gonna drop any names…


After the afterparty…

After the afterparty…

Sean Malto

Sean Malto

Ending the night with this Dirt Bag Crew

Ending the night with this Dirt Bag Crew!