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Meet Anel. She shot some photos for Active Womens recently so we’d like to show some of those photos she took and leave you with a little interview we did with her. See below!


active: hey! so tell us about yourself and where are you from?
anel: My name is Anel. I was born in Pasadena, CA. Currently living in Koreatown

how long have you been shooting photos?
– I wanna say maybe 4-5 years. I lose track of a lot of things

what got you into photography?
– I don’t remember the exact moment I “got into photography.” I mainly recall taking photos at friend’s shows, and shooting bands on the side. I guess a bit of momentum picked up there. And from shooting the city and pedestrians on the street

what camera do you shoot with, what’s your set up like? film or digital?
– Right now, I am using a digital Canon 7D and a couple point and shoots

how do you find these babes to shoot?
– Mainly asking friends to let me shoot photos of them and other times, networking with people online.

what kind of models are you lookin for when you shoot?
– I wouldn’t say I seek a certain look, but I definitely like shooting photos of people who are comfortable in front of a camera. Be it full on modeling or simply having a camera pointed at them

favorite girl to shoot photos of?
– I don’t think I have a favorite. I shot with Emily (Labowe) for the first time and she was awesome. Super natural and obviously gorgeous. Definitely looking forward to shooting more with her

Emily Labowe

Emily Labowe

is there a dream girl/guy you would like to take photos of?
– Mmm, not really. Anyone who is down for the get down, honestly

what’s currently on your playlist of music?
– Been listening to a lot of Johnny Thunders lately. But I love all kinds of shit. Amy Winehouse, The Kinks, The Cramps, Morrissey, Drake…..sometimes

let’s talk about skateboarding, how did you get into it?
– I’ve been intrigued by skateboarding since I was growing up. My older brother used to mess around on a board but never really went full force. I guess that was my introduction to it. But as I grew up, and started meeting more people who skated, I eventually got my hands on my own board (which by the way, I stole from a stranger at Venice beach). I really like the history and “culture” of skateboarding, for lack of a better word

well that’s it! any advice for other young aspiring photographers and models out there?
– I don’t have much advice. Keep doing whatever you want I guess. Strive for happiness

Thanks Anel!

Check out some her photography work below.

Emily Labowe wearing the Active Racoon SS Tee

Emily Labowe wearing the Active Racoon SS Tee

Emily Labowe wearing Active Tee

Active tank

Emily Labowe photo


photo for Active Womens

photos for Active Womens

photo by Anel Salgado for Active Women

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