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Active Six Pack Series w/ Adidas

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Last year we partnered up with Mt High and put together a contest in hopes of hooking up local mountain rippers with some free gear for shredding. Now, in its second year, we bring you the first Six Pack Series of the season, sponsored by Adidas. This year we decided to step-it-up a bit and build a few Active Ride Shop features on the mountain. It’s crazy how gnarly things can get when you have some new obstacles, a grill, and some free snow gear to give out. Locals flocked to the new Playground setup and destroyed it. A few flips, a couple broken collar bones and one too many hotdogs later and five local rippers pulled away with some rad gear from Adidas and Active.

Chris Bauer was serving up dogs all day.Chris Bauer was serving up dogs all day.

Locals gearing up to win some free product.

Even the illusive Yeti made an appearance to see what was going on. *side note: this is the clearance photo of the Yeti to date.

Brian Nieto aka @nieto_69.99 was steady crushing it on the new Active Feature.

Nick Guin aka @papa_needle with a solid board 270.

Levi Kaseroff aka @levi_the_lion2 perfectly balancing this back lip.

Dillon aka @tha1uluv2hate_ with a heavy lipslide 270.

Paul aka @paullwall1 shut it down with a 50-50 front flip.

Announcing the winners.

Here’s your top 5 winners of the first Six Pack Series of the season. We hope to see you at the next one! Check out @activerideshop for info on the next Six Pack Series.