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As part of our new “All You Can Eat” series, we teamed up with the famous Howlin’ Ray’s Nashville Hot Chicken in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Here is a video recap & photos from our special invite only dinner event that included limited tee’s, hats, pins, & decks for the release. Also check out the #activeAYCE hashtag on Instagram for more pics!


 The “All You Can Eat” project Is a food based series that is aimed to highlight pioneers in the food world. We kicked the 4 part series off by creating a capsule with China Town heavyweight Howlin Rays. Johnny Ray and team have come onto the scene with some force and show no signs of slowing down. “The Sando” lives up to the hype and draws parallel to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Yes, it’s the perfect Chicken Sandwich. The daily scene in front of Howlin Rays makes you feel like you are in line to for a Nike SB Dunk drop. Beyond that, what really makes Howlin Ray’s special is the culture that Johnny has created. We hope to share that experience in an effort to inspire and rejuvenate.

brought the fam out...

It's Mackey Time!

Moon know's what's up!

and now for the main entree...

we are displayed... we are... SHOP BUILT! ;)

Scholz & Fos with his hat he designed.

back hit.

Mikey from Illegal Civ and Tyshawn shying away from my photo haha.


Tennessee's Dee Ostrander & the good homie Steve Hernandez.

posse up!

the crew.

They had a vision, linked up, & built fam!

Stay tuned for the next ALL YOU CAN EAT.