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Ambiguous Corey Smith Art Show

We had a Corey Smith Art Show with Ambiguous, in Costa Mesa at the CAMP, on the 8th of April and it went off like the fourth of July! If you don't already know who Corey Smith is, he is an amazing Artist as well as a talented Professional Snowboarder. Corey is a well-rounded acrobat, of sorts.

We had a fully stocked wine, champagne, & Red Bull bar, tons of Chipotle and a couple Dj's kickin' the party up a notch all night. The show was at the CAMP in Costa Mesa and if you are in the area you have to check this place out, it's amazing. Many art lovers, Active & Ambiguous Enthusiasts and friends showed up. Everyone from Dylan Reider, theSkateboardMag's current issue- #27, New Jack, to Johnny Layton, Active Mailorder's Newest Pro.

Every time I have been to an art show there is always a weird sense of uncomfort, maybe it's just me, but this time around everyone was amazing and welcoming. There are two factors that I can also place blame on the fact that this went so well with:

A: There was a lot of booze flowing from about 6 pm, so by 8 pm everyone was just having a good time, by 11pm they flying by the seat of their pants.

B: That this was simply a harmonious crowd that wanted to co-exist in relentless peace and love that only exists in fairy tales.

I don't know which is right or which is more appropriate, but it was a positive experience nonetheless.

Ambiguous is rad, Corey Smith is rad, the CAMP is rad and we can't thank all of them enough, for making this night as memorable as it was, for everyone in attendance.