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Etnies "Album" Video Premier Photo Recap

Etnies Skateboarding premiered their latest full-length film "Album" in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Theatre. Featuring Active Pro's Chris Joslin & Samarria Brevard as well as Ryan Sheckler, Matt Berger, Nick Garcia, Trevor Mcclung, Ryan Lay, Aidan Campbell, Barney Page, Willow, David Reyes, Jamie Tancowny, Silvester Eduardo, & Koichiro Uehara. It was directed by Mike Manzoori. Check out photos from the L.A. premier as well as a teaser to the video. Also check @etniesskateboading for tour dates on the premieres!

Lined up for the V.I.P. screening...

When Mike met Bobby...


Active Pro, Trevor Colden in line

my buddy Thomas Barker.

Riverside's finest, Samarria Brevard!

when Cole Wilson meets Lance Mountain.

a couple of skateboarding's bright filmmakers and good buds, Brandon Jensen & Don Luong.

Etnies team rider, Aidan Campbell responsibly enjoying a fresh brew of Lagunita's.

the homies, Chris Barraza & Lane Morrison!

we are out here

Jamie Tancowny & the homie Torey Pudwill bro hug!

on Candid Camera: Danny Way & Ryan Sheckler.

shouts out to the homies Emile Murray & Billy Keller

David Reyes

Tawnya & Eric <3

Party Legends, Jimmy & The Don Brown

This Is Skateboarding, anyone?!

It's a party

Jon Miner & Bucky Gonzalez with the buddy system bro

Lagunitas' Jeff Henderson

Chris Joslin !!!

the squad

Noel Paris & Mike Manzoori, behind it all.

where's the after party?! (we didn't go, we just went home after this lol)

check out the trailer here and keep up with @etniesskateboarding to see premier dates!
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