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FOCUS: Emerica Presents Justin "Figgy" Figueroa

Active Pro team rider, Justin Figueroa gets featured on Emerica's "FOCUS" series. Watch the video here.


Justin Figueroa: We're just sitting out here in the dirt. We're ready to go in.

Speaker 1: How long have you been in here now?

Justin: Fuck. About maybe six months. It feels like I blinked and I'm fucking here. I still haven't really moved anything in. Moving over here, it's just a whole another chapter. It's epic.


I moved in and everything went to shit, got dried out. All I wanted to do was have this mellow floor patch I could skate when I'm fucking 57. [laughs] It's a big yard. It's hard just for me to keep up on this shit, but I'm stoked we got Big Bass to help me fucking dive into this shit. It's JT and Lany and Forrest, Trump's dad, and the Rhodes' family. I used to stay at their house when I first started coming to Oceanside. I was 15 to 16. They took me in, took Colin in, Dixon. First home away from home, I guess.

He just wants to see everyone do good, but he'll never fucking freely tell you what to do. You got to make your own decisions and learn the hard way if need be. He's helped out with everything that I'm doing over here and in Oceanside.


Just little things I pick up on the road. As for all these, I got them in Africa, South Africa. Wherever we go, I just try to grab something. I got the idea from just using these Mexican blankets. The way they put the felt on the pool table, they just pull it back there and stable it, and it came out sick. Look at this fucking gazelle. Wood glue, some nails, and just fucking clamp it in. This took maybe a week and a half, almost two weeks. I thought it'd be easier than it actually was once I started making the actual tops. I was like, "Fuck. This is going to take a while."

Even the supports and just figuring out how to mount everything. Just with the situation that I had to actually build shit, it came out way sicker than I thought it was for what I'm working with. Everything I do is not hard. I just go for it.


How you been, Zach?

Zach: Good, man. How's it hanging?

Justin: Cruising. It's called Farley like Chris Farley. This is a little more racy and riff-oriented. It took a couple of years. Finally got shit recorded and the record should be out within the next few months, hopefully. Finally, evidence of this shit that we put so much work into is finally coming to light. Don't smoke too much weed anymore. I think that helps. [laughs] Anyways, Macarena, she fucking murders it. She should be in the MGM Grand. [laughs] She's just fucking-- just animated. Everything that everyone else isn't. Dylan, he plays bass. He's actually the gnarliest guitar player, so as Zach. He plays drums.

They're both in two different bands. Zach's in Joy. Dylan's in Sacromonte. Gee Garrett, he plays keys. We just added him in when Zach came in. Everyone in the band is really good at their instrument. I guess the only way you get better is if you hang out with people who are gnarlier than you. With everything that I'm doing, sometimes I just throw music out there a lot, but it's just something that I actually do every day that I'm super hyped on and just with injuries and all that, and just being in a whole another industry, if you want to call it. It's sick.

It's like a whole another way to travel and stay on the road. It's the funnest shit, so it's finally coming together, working out.


Good ride. How's that paint job? Jimmy, come here. I want it like peanut butter so I didn't quite put too much. Ever since P-Stone, I feel like whatever. I've been trying to just get up early, stay on the grind, stay busy, fill the day, max your day out with shit just trying to be productive. Whether it's skating or just shit around here trying to keep up. It's all a lot of work. I feel like I wasted a lot of time fucking doing nothing for years just sitting around and whatever. I don't know.

I guess there's a time for everyone where you get stoked on doing shit like this. I guess this is it. Now, being out here, I'm not on the main block anymore. I'm out in the middle of fucking nowhere. All the houses are spread out. It just changes your whole mindset, I guess. You'd always be like, "Yes. I'll make it down there, promise. I'll make it down there." Everyone just says that at some point like, "Yes. We'll make it down there." He came back from Copenhagen and flew right in to San Diego. I didn't know that he was coming until two days before. I picked him up and this is right after I moved in here too.

He came and stayed for probably eights days, a little over a week. He was showing routes around here that I didn't even know. The shit that he remembered from fucking 20 years ago. He's geographically so gnarly I can't believe. He always just knows where he's at. Fucking best friends with everyone, first try. He always has something to say and a story to tell. He didn't have one scared nerve in his body on every situation just like, "Yes, I got it." Just funny shit. Not many people got it like that. All right. This might be ready. Just throw it on there. Wash it down. It comes down all right, right? Look at that.

It's not that bad. Can you be hyped? [laughs]

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