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Kacey Lynch of Bricks and Wood

We caught up with Kacey Lynch to talk about his brand Brick's & Wood launching at Active for the first time. A while back, Kacey shot some photos for Active's Raider's Pack launch and this is a follow up on some things that happened between now and then.

Bricks and Wood by Kacey Lynch

Ben Cortez: Last we spoke we were chopping it up about photography and Bricks & Woods was at its beginnings, it's crazy to see how far it's come. Are you pumped on the direction your creative outlet is going?
Kacey Lynch: I am very stoked about the growth of Bricks & Wood in just a year. What I love the most now is that there's a larger audience that I can continue to tell my story to in creative ways so that the new comers are just as informed & familiarized as the day ones.


BC: How did that connection with GQ come about?
KL: Man the GQ situation was just as random to me as to anyone else who may have come across it. I had no connections to GQ whatsoever, I never reached out to them to market my product or anything. I literally woke up one day & someone sent me a DM asking if Tyler was wearing my beanie on the convo & after giving it a good look I was able to confirm it was definitely mine. Since then GQ has become fans & has showed mad love & support since then but purely off natural interest. I can promise you there's no paid invoices for them to promo me at all haha.



BC: How did you link up with Anderson Paak and Tyler?
KL: So the Tyler story is interesting. It was Coachella weekend 2 day one & I was getting ready to take the drive up there, right before I left my new samples came in for the "Melon" Heavy Knit Beanie. At the time I was unsure if I wanted to release it because I felt I didn't need another pink to my collection. The original pink was Salmon which is still available. Nonetheless I decided to take those samples & hand them out during my time at Coachella & even then I didn't exactly hand Tyler a beanie during my time there. I gave a beanie to my boy Alan who also knows Tyler & from the story he told me, it was basically Tyler noticing the beanie hanging out of Alan's back pocket & he pretty much took it from him & wore it for the rest of the weekend haha. From that Tyler & I connected thru mutual friends & he then got more colors & now a potential collab is projected to come about so we'll see :)

AP was strictly thru his stylist & my friend Jasmine. She noticed my friend John wearing my beanie on his IG story &  asked him where he got it & he forwarded her to me & the rest was history. We are now AP's favorite piece of headwear to wear & this is from AP himself.

BC: What's the next for Bricks & Woods?
KL: 2019 is going to be an interesting year. 2018 was so good that the momentum is high so the question I keep replaying to myself mentally is "Can I do it again?" or "Can I do it better?". I trust myself & my ideas enough that I strongly think the projected ideas & collabs I have in play will answer those two questions perfectly. So to answer the question, I'm not too sure. I'll let my creativity be the sum.

Kacey Lynch's Pops and Grandma

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during my HS days in the IE shopping at @activerideshop was the closest thing you had to get all the streetwear & skate brands you loved in one store. Active socks were the best socks on the market, working at Active was the coolest job you could have next to working at Urban Outfitters. Though I always tried I never got hired for some reason but I know the importance of the culture Active stands by & the impact it has on the kids growing up in suburban areas. Me selling Bricks & Wood to Active was a no brainer. This is me paying homage to the IE. The place that not only changed my life but saved it. Shop @bricksandwood now at @activerideshop online & select flagships. Check out stockist page for availability. 🙏🏾

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