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It is possible to shoot an entire roll of film within an hour but people often take their time and shoot the same roll over the course of a couple weeks. Every time I load my camera for On A Roll I am going to be taking the slow approach in hopes to check in with as many Active riders as possible.

words & photos: Tim Aguilar

Night session at Active HQ, usually starts with one person and ends with 50.


Blood Wizard now has two Active riders on their roster and I recently spent an afternoon with Chris Gregson and Nolan Miskell as the deadline for the new BW video nears.

Chris leads the SoCal chapter of Blood Wizard out of the bridge

Nolan and Chris checking legendary spots in the streets of SD

Gregson and BW filmer Skippy figuring it out alongside the littlest shredder.

Custom BW shirt

Active Am Corey Glick at home making breakfast after Thrasher’s Am Scramble week long trip that ended at the Bust or Bail contest in Atlanta.

Active pro Billy Marks recently asked me to shoot photos for an article in the upcomingBliss Magazine so I had the opportunity to follow around this Toy Machine veteran and was blessed with good photos and good times

Billy Marks wanders into 6th st park where he grew up skating.

Inside out and warn out but still representing.

The face Billy makes when we finish shooting.

Back in his hometown of Riverside Nolan continues to push himself to try new tricks on new spots for his Welcome to the team part in the new BW video

Don Luong and Nolan taking on all the challenges this new spot has to offer.

No run up? No problem, Nolan takes matters into his own hands and constructs a wood run up to a big boy rail.

Stay tuned on the next installment of "On A Roll" with Tim Aguilar.