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This roll starts with Chris Gregson at SF’s famous Potrero skate park. I woke up around 8 for the early bird sesh and Chris barges into the hotel room still partying from the night before. He agreed to come to the skate park with me and it was the earliest he has ever grinded coping in his life.

(words and photos: @timaguilar)


FS Slash before 9am

Billy at a poker table is nothing new.

Back in Southern California I was at ETN’s HQ for the filming of a new show that involves gambling and no surprise Billy Marks was there along with Dakota Servold and some more of his Tum Yeto family. Billy ended up winning that night and taking everyone’s money.

Dakota and the blurry yet familiar dealer (Marc Johnson)

Gregson BS Grasser into the bank

Vista is now the home to Active Pro’s Jeremy Leabres & Chris Gregson and their new city also has a new Grindline skate park which was closed the same week it opened. Gate is locked? Who cares we need to skate.

Nolan Miskell big FSA

Gregson BSA

Jeremy and his shadow BSO in the big corner

Nolan and Gregson working on an Instagram video everyone already forgot about

Jeremy floating the hip at MLK another one of his new local parks

Collin’s backyard (Collin not pictured here)

Jeremy now shares the same roof as Active Pro, Collin Provost whose house comes
complete with a skate park.

Chief and Harley in the back 

Jeremy on the deck getting stoked on all the skating.

It is hot in Ramona, Collin cooling himself off with a cold one.

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