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PHOTO RECAP: Adidas Park Crashers

The Adidas Skateboarding team came in hot for this Park Crasher's the next day after the signing at Riverside. Video coming soon, until then, check out some photos from that day.

Dennis Busenitz & the fam

Dennis' dog Gucci

Nora Vasconcellos with her first Pro set-up from Welcome Skateboards. Congrats! Photo: Eric Ylikangas

the future

pound one for the fans

skateboarding frenzy

Jack Fardell

peeping the footy

what does Daewon have up his sleeve?

he did this 5-0 to fakie in a line, be on the lookout for the footage when it drops.

Jake Donnelly - Frontside Flip

The homie Bobby Escobedo (@remainhungry) shot some photos here too, check 'em out below...

Diego Najera - photo: Bobby Escobedo

Alec Majerus - Backside Noseblunt. Photo: Bobby Escobedo @remainhungry

Jake Donelly backside flip, Paul Shier bgp's. Photo: Eric Ylikangas

and that's a wrap! Pete Eldridge signing off. Photo: Eric Ylikangas.

Click Here to watch the video recap!

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