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PHOTO RECAP: Adidas Signing @ Active Riverside

The Adidas Skateboarding team cruised all the way out to Active Riverside last week to hang out, sign some stuff, shake hands, & kiss babies. Thanks to every one who cruised out!

fixin up the foozball table

setting up a freshie

shout out to 2016 manager of the year, T.Goosey

Zach Saraceno

Candid Marc Johnson photo

sup matt!

rad dad Dennis Busenitz

got the posse, heading back to the Riverside shop with Acai bowls and popcorn

Alec Majerus, Pete Eldridge, & Daewon Song gearing up for this photo op on front of the store.

Daewon Song, Pete Eldridge, Dennis Busenitz & kids, Marc Johnson, Zach Saraceno, Alec Majerus, Diego Najera, Nora Vasconcellos, & Jack Fardell.

Marc Johnson stoking out the fans

Nora's pretty cool too

shout out to everybody in the line!!!


Busenitz & his kids signing stuff too.

dolla dolla bills y'all

you read him

Tyler Strawn is stoked!

Be on the lookout for the next post at the Park Crasher's event. In the meantime...

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