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RECAP: Active Team Singing @ Active Long Beach

In celebration of Active Long Beach's 10 year anniversary, we brought out the Active Pro & Am team to hang out and sign some stuff for the fans.

The team will be here shortly!

Guy & the squad before the signing.

the guys checking out the poster for the signing. 

it's signing time.

in full effect.

"can you sign this please?" "sure bud!"

good amount of homies rolled through. signings are still cool in California!

Slash is probably thinking, "where's the Psockadelic sticker?!"

Ethan Loy everybody!

Kid got into the team photo op, stoked

meanwhile outside...

Got 13 of the 30+ dudes out. Corey Glick, Dakota Servold, Jeremy Leabres, Dominick Walker, Kyle Walker, Daniel Espinoza, Ethan Loy, Donta Hill, Chad Tim Tim, Brian Hansen, Trevor Colden, Guy Mariano, Kelly Hart. Thanks for cruising out!