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RECAP: Andale Wheelie Dope Shop Series

Andalé Bearings held a couple contests with Active Chino and at Cherry Park in Long Beach. There are 20 events of these going on worldwide, each 1st place winner gets a spot in the finale at the Santa Monica courthouse. Here are some photos from our events.

First stop, Active Chino. Photos by Ben Cortez (@corview):

Dogs are heating up on the grill...

Justin Drysen

this dude's got it covered.

special guest, Daniel Espinoza.

backside sars.

Eric holds the trophy.

Our guy, Shylio Sweat.

the judges contemplating finalists.

Best trick winner!

Congrats to the First Place winner, Justin Drysen. See you at the courthouse!

Next stop, Cherry Park in Long Beach. Photos by @morgnar:

Check your balance.

Victor Brooks

Carlos Torres


Joey Brezinski picking out the finalists.

that's Tiago Lemos in the distance over the fire hydrant.

Victor Brooks gets Best Trick.

congrats Victor!

1st place goes to Carlos Torres!

See you at the Santa Monica courthouse!

Time for a product toss. Mom's ready!

get 'em!

Tiago's stoked!

Here's a portrait of Tiago for the new website...

Rocky is ready to go! See ya next time...