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We took a visit toEric McHenry's studio, who recently did a deck series with us that's out now in shops and here online! Get to know more about him and check out some rough drafts of the series below.

– Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Eric Gene McHenry, and I’m an artist.

– Where are you from?
Illinois the first 10 years, North Carolina for the next 10, and I’m well on my way to my Los Angeles decade. 

– What got you into art/design?

My mother had a lot of creative hobbies, painting Precious Moments and other cartoon’s was a ongoing one that i grew up around. My Father was also really creative, his drawings were always around and he made birdhouses and stuff, very handy. My brother’s have always been creative, and I’m stuck in the middle. Then in high school I hung out around a tattoo shop and I got to see artist prepare for appointments and learned a lot from that. Design was different, I was on myspace and learned a whole lot about what coding and manipulating the space there, doing digital art for bands and the similar. Then moved to California and worked in a digital lab, that was helpful, and then through friends and good luck, I landed a position at The Skateboard Mag. That month to month deadline really keeps things moving, makes more work quickly and more efficiently, while pushing my designs, further than the previous month.

- Did you go to school for art?
No. Took a typography course once and it's been helpful. I'd like to go, but only on someone else's dime.

– Favorite artist?… Skateboarder?
Artist - Right now, I’m obsessed visually with Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Conceptually, Lee Lozano and I'm reading Robert Irwin's book, and I'm fascinated.
Skateboarder - Dylan Rieder, always. I always love riding a Justin Brock board. I think Caswell Berry is great...Mason Silva, Nik Stain, Callum Paul, Dolan Stearns, Greyson Fletcher.

– What were your inspirations behind the designs/graphics you did for the deck series?

Dürer, the past, magic, myth, religion, the sky, the ocean, filth, color, and poetry. 

– What medium did you use for these?

Colored Pencil and Liquid acrylic. 


– What do you have coming up for you in the future?
It's been a year since I've shown any new work, so I'd like to fix that.

- Where did you come up with the name "Ttusk"?

I got Tusk tattooed on my lip when I was younger, after the Fleetwood Mac record. Then tried to make a Call of Duty handle with the same name, but single T tusk was taken, hence, Ttusk.

Thanks Eric! The decks came out rad!

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To keep up with Eric, visit his website:
& follow him on Instagram: @ttusk