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Thrasher's Am Scramble Premier Photos

The Am Scramble, now playing on Thrasher. We were at the premier hanging out with all the bros right after Miles Silvas turned pro for Element! The video features Zion Wright, Jarne Verbruggen, Axel Cruysberghs, Erick Winkowski, Ducky Kovacs, Jamie Foy, our boy Corey Glick, Mason Silva, & Tyson Peterson. Check out photos below from the premier and also don't forget to watch the video too!

Just before this, Lannie slaps down Jeff's beer and it splat all over me...

place was packed & really hot. we got there just in time for a second showing.

the bros, David Loy & Dan Stolling.

oh! we won't let the bro moments with Dan stop here!

congrats Mason!

Thrasher filmers, Dan, Ewan Bowman, & Matt Bublitz.

walked right into the ball of heat for the second showing.

aftermath of Mason turning pro.

this is true.

Levi Brown & Chad Tim Tim can't see.

two master lensmen and good homies, Michael Cukr & Rye Beres.

came up on a print, thanks to Burn Dog!

we übered on our way to the usual Good Bar where they were hosting Skate Trivia Night with Levi's. Al Partanen on the DJ set.

and we end the night with the infamous, Justin Maruco!

go watch the Am Scramble video!: