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WATCH: King of the Road Season 3 - Corey Glick Profile

Active Am team rider, Corey Glick gets profiled for Foundation Skateboards in this clip from Thrasher's King of the Road Season 3 now playing on Viceland!

Speaker 1: Yes, Glick. One and done.


Speaker 1: It's too easy for him.

Speaker 2: Yes.


Speaker 1: We got Corey Glick. He's pretty much the complete package.

Mike Sinclair: Corey Glick is the newest addition to the Foundation squad. He's got all the top tier handrail tricks, big flip tricks, stairs, gaps, rails. He's good at everything.

Cole Wilson: We all love him. He's a rad dude. Honest, charismatic.

Michael Burnett: He's coming out of his shell a little bit. You might notice now he's sporting a stylish John Oates mustache.

Corey Glick:What do you mean? [laughs]

Mike Sinclair:He's growing up quick. We're going to see a lot of new shit from Corey Glick this year.

Speaker 6: Oh my god.

Speaker 7: Oh my fucking god, dude.

Speaker 8: What the fuck?

Speaker 9: Let's go.

Speaker 10: That's how it's done.

[00:01:01] [END OF AUDIO]