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What Youth: Adolescents: Shane Borland

Last month, What Youth featured active team rider, Shane Borland in Adolescents. Watch this!!

Shane Borland is always around. He’s either outside our office waiting to pick someone up to film him (Hunter). Or sometimes he’s inside actually inside our office skating the ramp. Or he’s already out surfing Newport when we go surf. Or he’s at RVCA skating. Or the Costa Mesa park. Everywhere we go, there he is. Even last winter while we were hanging out at the RVCA house at Off the Wall: There was Shane, putting in the hours at OTW with all the big dogs, pulling in. All day. And we appreciate that.

Now we’re starting to see the fruits of all that turning up: kid is surfing (and skating) really well. His airs have pop. They’re tweaked. And his tube riding is getting very legit. His whole approach is appreciated in here, and now he has an Adolescents part. Consider him on your radar.
(via What Youth)