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Western Edition

San Francisco based skate company Western Edition has a rich history inspired by the city's heritage.
This heritage is embedded in all of there designs which typically feature jazz musicians, singers, and artists of the time.

Team riders include: Nate Keegan, Ed Kennedy, Jabari Pendleton, Yoshiaki Toeda, and Ryuhei Kitazame.

"Western Edition began in San Francisco in 1999. The name was derived from the neighborhood known as 'The Harlem of the West' in the '40s through the '60s due to its large African American community and vibrant music scene. In the '60s urban renewal hit the area hard, many residents and businesses were displaced. We saw a parallel with that and what was happening in the SF skate scene around the time we started, with a lot of people moving down south and spots becoming busts. We hope to be keepers of the flame of the spirit of all that was and is great about those times, people and places as sympathizers of simplicity and style." - Western Edition ambassador