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XL Vise Sunglasses

Mega-Yacht heads rejoice. These XL's float.

The XL H20 Vise, a full 10mm wider than our standard Vise for our people who were blessed with a Mega-Yacht sized head.

We've taken every step to make this pair of glasses as buoyant as possible. Construction includes light-weight polarized nylon lenses, PVC emblems, and last but not least a hybrid poly frame infused with H2O Float Tech to get these glasses to rise to the occasion. These are available with an assortment of lens options and some of our most popular arm prints.

The H2O Vise is non-customizable - Each piece is specific to the H2O frame enabling it to float. Additionally H2O models feature pinned hinges to increase durability during water activities.

The XL Vise: If you've got a big head these are the glasses for you! We took the time-tested design of the Vise and JACKED up the width and height, specifically designed for the Godzilla-head sized customer.

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Color: Black Frame/Arctic Chrome Lens
Black Frame/Arctic Chrome Lens
Black Frame/Ultra Violet Lens - Scribble Arm
Tortoise Frame/Brown Lens
Black Frame/Tropic Lens
Tortoise Frame/Polar Brown
Sunblast Lens/Bolt Smoker Arms
Grey Fader/ BLK Lens/Hydro Arms
BLK Frame/Tropic Lens/Shreddy Arms
Black Frame/Black Lens
Black Frame/Sunblast Lens
Size: OS