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We took the essential trip out to Phoenix, Arizona for the annual PHX AM. For those who don’t know, it’s an event made by Phoenix’s local skate shop, Cowtown Skateboards. They've been holding the contest down for the past 17 years and it’s always been a blast to be at. The van posse this year: Akwasi 'Anthony' Owusu, Ryan Alvero, Christian Holt, & Julian Restrepo. Although they aren’t officially Amateurs yet, they’re up & coming dudes who came from our shops (board sponsors, look out for these guys!!!).

Christian Holt
Anthony Owusu

Christian Holt, Awkasi Owusu, Ryan Alvero, Julian Restrepo / photos: @remainhungry

Photos: Bobby Escobedo ( @remainhungry) & @morgnar
Words: @morgnar

Van Photo: @remainhungry

photo: @remainhungry

Came in deep with other Active team riders that met up with there: Corey Glick, Dominick Walker, Dylan Williams, Gage Boyle (Thousand Oaks), Thomas Turner (Tempe RIP), Will Ocean (Escondido), Tre Williams (Riverside), Chris Herrera (West Covina), and Yoshi Tanenbaum. Here is a visual photo diary / recap of what went on while on the trip.


On the road from the I.E. California. / photo: @remainhungry

Got to AZ pretty quick. / photo: @morgnar

Got there right in the middle of practice day. Saw a lot of the homies!

Daniel Cabral from Volcom holds it down.

Johnny Layton

Always good to see former Active Pro team rider now Vans talent scout, Johnny Layton.

The first night we headed on to check out Michael Burnett’s iconic 20 years of Thrasher Magazine photo show and Vans Video Premier of “Spinning Away” that featured Active Pro Kyle Walker & some clips of Daniel Lutheran among others with full mind blowing parts from Tyson Peterson, & Chima Ferguson. Also John Cardiel was DJ-ing classic reggae tunes that night under the name, DJ Juan Love.

Michael Burnett aka @burnout gets a selfie shot

Top Ams: Kader Sylla & CJ Collin s these fools rip

We got up the next day to face the heats for qualifiers, but it wasn’t all that hot this year surprisingly. Temperatures are usually high and dry while PHX AM goes on. By far, thee coolest one this year.

Active Am: Corey Glick

Christian Holt, Joey Coleman, & Chad Tim Tim

We came to skate and meet up with Active Pro, Chad Tim Tim, who also manages our team as well as New Balance Numeric’s crew.

Active Pro: Chad Tim Tim / Switch backside lipslide ( peep to fs shove footy)

Got in a quick game...

Onto the next thing...

After that, back to the hotel to freshen up before the after party thrown by Volcom. We got there a little later and caught the tail end of A Happy Medium 4 premier. We saw Riley Hawk’s band Petyr set the heavy vibes, nearly lost my eyeglasses and Club Midnite hat when I got suckered in the mosh pit but got ‘em back! Left early and ended the night munching on IHOP. We got a contest to go to early in the morning!

The day of the finals and best trick contest.

Thomas Turner up and at 'em, back 50-50 / Photo: @remainhungry

Yoshi Tanenbaum - BS Flip / Photo: @remainhungry

Dominick Walker goes!!! / photo: @morgnar

Thomas Turner represents / photo: @morgnar

On the live feed with Vans' Chima Ferguson, K-Walks, & Tyson Peterson / photo: @morgnar

Dylan Williams - Backside 180 FS Overcrook Fakie Flip Out / photo: @morgnar

Our guy Dylan Williams ended up winning the best trick contest for his back 180 fs krook fakie flip out! Took home $2,500, congrats!

photo: @remainhungry

Also congrats to Sao Paulo Brazil’s Ivan Monteiro for winning the overall contest!

Dominick Walker & Kyle Walker (no relation) / photo: @morgnar

We went back to pick up the homie Ilias and ran into Karl Watson and his crew at Whole Foods before heading back home.

into the sun, back to California. / photo: @remainhungry

Thanks to Cowtown's Laura and Trent for holding down one of the greatest skateboarding contests out there. We hope for many more van trips in the near future...